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Building Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

EBM will perform general repairs and preventive maintenance of systems and equipment in your building on a regular schedule. Our maintenance department is focused on maintaining and optimizing the working components of your building property so that your tenants, employees and customers can live and work in a safe environment. Our maintenance department organizes its work procedures with your priorities in mind.

The purpose of our EBM preventive maintenance program is to assure the efficiency and extended life of your equipment, and also to reduce the occurrence of equipment failures. By performing preventive maintenance, we are able to detect and correct problems before they occur. The EBM maintenance program is a recurring process which will continue to your specified deadline.

Lift Systems

Elevators are lift systems that involve a large number of moving components. Sometimes things go wrong, as general wear and tear on elevators resulting from constant usage can take its toll on even the best maintained systems. EBM offers complete building maintenance services in El Paso, including repair, maintenance, modernization and cleaning. Our technicians are aware of how important regular and systematic attention is, not only form a building management point-of-view, but also from a reliable service provider/contractor.


Our building maintenance plan includes the following types:


EBM provides basic cleaning services for office buildings, retail stores and warehouses. We will design a commercial cleaning plan to fit your janitorial needs. There are many options available to you, so just call us and we'll tailor fit a plan that's just right for your business. We utilize the latest office cleaning products and equipment, while offering affordable pricing. If you desire to have a contractual agreement, we'll do that at your request, or will simply work month to month on a temporary tryout basis.

We can effectively implement janitorial duties of your lobby, restrooms, breakrooms, offices, conference rooms and more. We will also service your outside perimeter such as dumpsters, break areas and parking lots. We will design an effective work schedule that fits your needs day or night. Whether you need a routine of daily, weekly or monthly visits, we can accommodate your exact work requirements and work around your schedule. Janitorial Services>


We understand that every business is different, so our intention is to satisfy your business with a unique list of special work duties. We will meet with you at your location to discuss the fine details of your property and what it will take to keep your property looking it's best. We provide free on-site consultation, and there is never a charge for extended sessions.

Whether you're the owner of a small property, or a manager of a large building, we can service your office, store, high-rise or warehouse. Call us for a free onsite review.




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