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Material Lifts

Dumb Waiters

Material Lifts We offer material lifts and package handling lifts through Pflow technology. These lifts, often referred to as dumb waiters, offer high-speed material and package handling ability specifically designed for automated system applications that require lifting of boxes, cartons, packages, totes, containers, cases and freight.

On average, material lifts serve two levels. However, in a building with more than two levels, this can range up to 3 levels and more. In a multi-level building, the electronics in material lifts are more sophisticated in order to deal with the various stopping times. The capacity is defined by the ability to supply a bigger load capacity, along with a more robust lift motor. The addition of counterweights and a stronger lift cabin to carry extra capacity are common in service lifts, similar to the material lifts or dumb waiters, and can range up to 300kg.

Food Lifts

A food lift is just like a dumb waiter, but its primary duty is to transport food to different levels in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments where food is served such as hospitals, care centers, prisons,. etc. We can help you to choose the right food lift for the specific needs of your operation, whether you are in the hospitality industry or other. A food lift is often the busiest type of lift in its category and we will help to specify only the most reliable food lift available on the market.

Food Lifts are usually made in stainless steel. However, more cost-efficient options are available and all have hygienic wipeable surfaces. Options include heated shelf which keeps food warm during transit, intercom system, which makes it easy to communicate between levels, and additional lift shelves, which offers extra shelving. We can install these types of lift systems for your business.


Material Lifts with Integrated Conveyors A conveyor system can move material from one location to another in a very safe and convenient manner. They are especially helpful in the transportation of heavy and bulky materials. Conveyors are horizontal in design, but can also be inclined for vertical devices. Conveyors can be operated manually by a user, or fully automated. They are widely used and are common in the automotive industry and grocery distributors.

Other Proven Applications

We use PFlow vertical lifts to supply our El Paso clients with the transportation of materials in all shapes, sizes and weights. Pflow has designed lifts to move everything from salt shakers to airplane wings. PFlow offers the most complete line of vertical lifts available on the market today including mechanical lifts, hydraulic vertical lifts, high-speed lifts, high-throughput lifts and customized vertical lifts. Also available are fully automated systems for automated manufacturing and warehousing operations. Whatever your demands are as far as the size, speed, and vertical height, we are committed to helping you develop the best solution.

Lifting Versatility for Specific Application Requirements

Material lifts provide nonstop transportation to and from balconies and mezzanines, over aisles or machinery, and between floors or conveyor levels. The lifting versatility provides up, down, horizontal or reversible transport with continuous throughput up to 30 loads per minute (depending on model). EBM Elevators will design a continuous system to fit specific application requirements, perform start-up and provide complete follow-through service. Call us today for a free estimate.




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