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Hydraulic Valves For Elevator Systems

Elevator Building Maintenance is recognized in El Paso for wise decision-making when it comes to choosing quality U.S. made hydraulic control valves. These products are Hydraulic Valves For Elevator Systems well-known and appreciated for their ease of installation and reliable performance over a wide range of operating conditions. We always monitor trends in the elevator industry, and since we are located in El Paso, we take great pride in helping El Paso business owners. We want to help you keep up with new and innovative ways to improve the performance of your hydraulic elevator with high quality hydraulic valves for elevator systems.

Modern Hydraulic Elevators

The concept of an elevator is easy to understand,.. it's simply a compartment attached to a lifting system. Of course, modern hydraulic elevators are more sophisticated than this, as hydraulic valves for elevator systems need safety devices and control mechanisms to keep everything running smoothly. In order to sustain the hard-working hydraulic system of the elevator, all components must work together in order to push hydraulic fluid through the system while handling the substantial weight of an elevator cab.

The Control Valve

The valve is an important component on hydraulic elevators because it controls oil flow through the Jack. Hydraulic elevators only perform as well as the valve. If the flow of oil from the power unit to the Jack is erratic, the performance of your elevator will be erratic as well, causing your elevator to ride rough. There are many makes and models of valves, all of which have parts that are prone to wear and tear. A poorly maintained or adjusted valve is one of the most common causes of erratic operation on hydraulic elevators.

The Jack Assembly

A conventional Jack assembly is one installed in the ground and consists of several components. When considering a modernization project, we will assess the age, condition and operation of Jack assembly components to determine if upgrades or replacements are necessary. Recent Code changes in several area States have required or recommend replacement of Jack assemblies installed prior to 1973.

Owner and Building Management Responsibilities

Hydraulic elevators operate at slower speeds and are commonly found in locations which serve up to 79 feet of travel. The age, generation, condition and type of the installation become critical issues and are all-important factors to be taken into consideration. There are many old buildings in the El Paso area, and some building owners, especially ones that have recently aquired the property, may not be aware of old or outdated hydraulic components. Installation and maintenance of hydraulic valves for elevator systems in historic structures can require significant additional costs.

Currently, an estimated 60% of all elevators in the US are over 20 years old. Given the vast improvements to elevator efficiency over this period of time, there is a great opportunity to improve the performance of your building's transportation system. If your building management does not frequently check to make sure the elevator is operating normally, we can check your hydraulic elevators, underground piping, the in-ground hydraulic piston and casing. These are sometimes not covered by the service provider/contractor. It was common practice prior to 1973 for single bottom cylinders to be installed and some of these single bottom cylinders have been found to have serious issues with the bottom of the cylinder giving way due to rust and electrolysis. Call us today and we will provide a free on-site review of your hydraulic elevator system.


Improving passenger experience and increasing efficiency are two major reasons facility managers throughout the world are upgrading their elevators with improved hydraulic technology. Besides benefitting the passenger, we also help facility managers reduce maintenance and improve life-cycle costs of the equipment. With traditional elevators, minor problems can go unnoticed until a major problem occurs, which often leads to an elevator being down for an extended amount of time. We can identify inconsistencies and avoid problems before they happen, minimizing disruptions to your building and its tenants. Upgrades in technology help older buildings retain tenants from the competition of newer buildings, and decrease the number of complaints.

Quality Assurance

If your elevator is vibrating, making abnormal sounds, riding rough, and/or showing signs of leveling problems, call Elevator Building Maintenance and we will assess the condition of your elevator's Jack and hydraulic components to determine if a rebuild, upgrade or replacement is necessary. Whether it's for new construction, OEM, modernization or elevator repair projects, our professionals use hydraulic elevator control valves that are known and chosen by elevator professionals for their ease of installation, setup and history of reliable performance.

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