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levator Building Maintenance is a full service elevator company in El Paso. We consider the opportunity to work with you as a great honor. Elevator Building Maintenance pledges to provide you with the highest competitive bid that is possible in the elevator industry.

A Commitment to Quality

You are guaranteed the commitment of a family owned business focused on providing you with professional elevator services. Elevator Building Maintenance is a non-proprietary and non-union organization, placing emphasis on the modernization of all vertical transportation systems. We guarantee the highest quality of service for El Paso business owners, building managers and individuals with special needs.

Installation & Modernization

We can provide new installation and modernization of both passenger and freight elevators, escalators and dumb waiters. Our preventative maintenance programs offer 7 days a week, 24 hour on call service. Our repair department has all the answers for your repair needs and can give assistance with all the new elevator codes: A17.1 ASME & TDLR.

Elevator Building Maintenance

Improving passenger experience is why building owners in El Paso are relying on Elevator Building Maintenance to upgrade their elevators with better controlled technology, remodeled lobbies, smoother rides and increased security.

As a building increases in age, the need for maintenance on its vertical transportation system increases also. Our modernization department and code compliant products are reasons why we receive more requests for inspections, repair,upgrades and maintenance.

Elevator Building Maintenance

Elevator Company in El Paso

We are a full service elevator company operating in El Paso since 1986. Our experience is a combination of geographical knowledge and client properties that span El Paso and surrounding cities. We know El Paso very well and we are confident that we can handle repair and maintenance needs for most elevator systems.

Our services include...

★ Texas Elevator Contractors License: 20321

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