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Elevator Fixtures

Hall Stations

We carry an array of attractive elevator fixtures for hall stations. They are competitively priced and are state-of-the-art design.

All of our elevator fixtures are industry standard and meet ANSI codes. They can be configured in hundreds of button styles and color combinations.


We have pushbutton styles available to suit any specific application. Illuminated button features include multi-volt LEDs and have self-wiping contacts. Low profile contact blocks are available to fit existing applications.


Our inventory of elevator fixtures includes traditional lights and lantern style lights for your cab interior, hall stations and lobby areas. Take your pick from various distinctive standard lighting styles with multi-volt dual stroke chimes and LED illumination. You can also choose from an array of optional digital lanterns and custom displays. Available in stainless steel, brass, multi-grain swirl finish, oil-rubbed brass or any material of your choice. CNC laser and engraving technology ensures you will get the very best of your choice.

Position Indicators

Multi-volt Position Indicators are available with LED illumination, and in a wide variety of digital versions. Drivers can be supplied as a stand-alone option or incorporated into the selected controller.


Most building occupants are unfamiliar with elevator restrictions, limitations and evacuation procedures. It is vital to inform occupants, especially in tall buildings, with sufficient informative signage for every situation. Posting signs in elevator interiors and waiting stations will provide your occupants with:

Key Operated Switches

We carry switches for every application. Clients that rely on our complete line of switches include hotels, universities, high rises, hospitals, judicial complexes, research facilities, and prisons worldwide. If your next project requires key operated switches, call EBM Elevators.

Braille Buttons

Braille push buttons are available in many styles and color choices to suit practically any application, including different combinations. Illuminated buttons feature multi-volt LEDs, and some have self-wiping contacts. Low profile contact blocks are available to fit existing applications.

From hard-to-find custom fixtures to standard car stations, you'll find our collection of innovative elevator fixtures to be the perfect choice for your project. The customer service staff at EBM Elevators is here to help and assist you with your specifications for installing and modernizing your elevators and lobby areas. We have the fastest lead times in the El Paso area and is no wonder why so many service companies, architects and building owners turn to EBM Elevators for their security solutions. Call us and we will meet the requirements and deadlines to your exact specifications.

Emergency Fixtures

Important elevator fixtures to consider in case of an elevator emergency should include alarms, sprinklers, exit enclosures, smoke proof enclosures and evacuation procedures. In skyscrapers and high-rise buildings with large occupancy, emergency voice communication systems should be installed and tested.




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