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Elevator Repair

Elevator Repair & Maintenance

We understand the unfortunate possibilities that can sometimes occur to your elevator. Malfunctions can result from random incidence as well as neglect and improper work. The surest way to avoid unforeseen elevator repairs is to give routine attention to your elevator system. And although it's impossible to prevent all malfunctions, they can at least be significantly reduced with preventative maintenance and repair.

We want you to feel confident in knowing that our elevator technicians will fix and repair your elevator to your expectations. Whether it's a small or large repair project, each job is handled Elevator Repair in El Paso - Repair by a skilled technician who will complete the job in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are also aware that building owners experience emergencies from time to time. In the untimely event that you experience one, we want you to know that we will be there on your property when you need us!

Emergency Elevator Repair

There are various reasons why you may need emergency repairs to your elevator. Misuse, natural disasters and mechanical failure due to old age are a few reasons that can cause an elevator to suddenly breakdown. We can provide you with fast and reliable emergency service when you need us the most. Don't hesitate to call if you suspect that there are problems with your elevator. We are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our certified elevator technicians have direct access to a diverse inventory of replacement parts and are trained to ensure the highest quality of El Paso elevator repair.

"Finding a qualified technician for El Paso elevator repairs is not easy. Whether it's a small or large repair project, we can handle it. Call EBM Elevators Today!"

We want you to feel confident in knowing that our elevator technicians will fix and repair your elevator to your expectations. If you need El Paso elevator repair, our skilled technicians will handle your specific elevator repair needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. We concentrate on the El Paso and Juarez area and have been servicing elevators for El Paso building owners since 1986.

Common Elevator Malfunctions

There are a variety of elevator problems that affect the regular operation on an elevator system. These include:

  • wiring malfunction and power failures
  • faulty doors that prevent safe passage in or out of the cab
  • problems with the elevator floor evenly leveling up with the lobby floor
  • excessive elevator speed or sudden elevator lurching
  • sudden stops and hard landings
  • Other malfunctions due to poor maintenance or repair

The cause of these elevator malfunctions can be determined when the elevator has been investigated by an elevator technician. Once a repair solution has been decided, the technician will make the necessary repairs that will minimize future risks to passengers.

What Causes Elevator Malfunctions?

Worn-Out Sheaves - The sheave is a pulley that is connected to the elevator hoist ropes or cables. In traction elevators, elevator sheaves are the pulleys that hold the elevator cables. These are responsible for the elevator’s traction and thus its lifting and lowering motion. Basically, it moves the elevator up and down between floors. With continued use, the grooves in the sheaves that hold the ropes become worn and affect the elevator’s safety and efficiency. Over time, as the sheaves will become worn, they put extra pressure on the ropes, causing an irregular ride. Sheaves can be replaced or re-grooved to repair this.

Contaminated Lubrication and Oil - Elevators rely heavily on lubrication system to smoothly move metal parts with minimal friction. Over time, there is a normal amount of friction that will invariably occur, causing metal shavings and particles to contaminate the lubricants. During an inspection, an elevator inspection of metal levels are checked in the oil and lubricants, and will be changed.

Bearing Breakdowns - Bearings are a metal component that can experience wear through time. If bearings don't work efficiently, they can create dangerous situation. A noisy motor can be an indication of worn bearings. An inspector can recommend installation of inductive absorbers or replacement.

Power Supply Failures - Elevators rely heavily on the power supplies from the building, and not so much from the elevator system itself. Regardless of the source, power failures have adverse effects on the electrical components that are powered by them, including doors, motors, lights and sensors. An inspector will make sure an elevator system is receiving the proper voltage.

Elevator Maintenance

Elevator Services in El Paso Elevators are electrical and mechanical devices that involve a large number of working components. Sometimes things can go wrong, as general wear and tear on elevators resulting from kids, wandering guests and vandalism can take its toll on even the best maintained systems. EBM offers complete elevator services in El Paso including sales, installation, repair, maintenance and modernization. Our technicians are very aware of how important regular and systematic attention is from not only a building management team but also from a reliable service provider/contractor.

New Elevator Equipment - Installation

Providing state-of-the-art non-proprietary elevators, both hydraulic and traction, passenger and freight, as well as dumb waiters and material lifts. Manufacturers such as Vertical Express are equivalent to all models of ThyssenKrupp. Our complete elevator services in El Paso include the following Manufacturers:

New Buildings

If your new commercial building will have multiple floors, you are lawfully required to make all floors accessible to people with physical limitations. Thankfully, the experts at EBM are here to make it easy for you to keep your new building up to code and accessible to all with a commercial lift system. EBM is a trusted source for commercial lifts by offering property owners the best in elevator installation services and parts.

Our passenger elevators are ideal for nearly any architecture, making it possible to install a commercial lift transport system for people and objects. If you're wondering which type of elevator is right for you, the answer will depend on factors including the amount of people or freight you need to lift and the amount of space you have.

Information on commercial lifts are available by calling us, or asking for a buying guide online: How to Purchase & Install a Commercial Elevator»

Elevator Modernization Applications

Elevator Modernization in El Paso - Repair With our state-of-the-art modernization department, you can feel at ease knowing you're getting a safe and code compliant, non-proprietary power unit, controller, fixtures and cabs for your elevator. We offer complete elevator services in El Paso and include the following manufactures that we use for lifting upgrades:

Material Lifts

Several lift solutions are available for commercial businesses, including material lifts. These types of lifts are available for restaurants, warehouses, hospitals and others. Many material lift applications include options that can suit businesses with specific lifting needs. The transporting of materials is made possible for all shapes, sizes and weights of material between two or more levels. No human passengers are allowed on a material lift by law.


Financing is available on large elevator repairs. We have multiple types of service contracts to fit your vertical transportation needs:

Service Contracts Department Of The Air Force

New Projects:

1. Department of the Air Force
2. Hospital Angeles with 11 elevators

Recent Past Projects:

1. Labeltech
2. Miracle Delivery

Contract Options

Building owners in El Paso can choose from a range of service contract options. We offer services that are tied to specific elevator system's manufacturer, or services that are tied to specific and unique procedures that are related to their current maintenance team. Our technicians have access to resources and parts supplies that enable us to quickly repair your entire elevator. We can set elevators to meet your expectations of speed, efficiency and safety relative to the elevator's capabilities and requirements.




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