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Our modernization solutions can be specifically designed to meet your needs and budget. We want to boost your elevator's reliability, energy-efficiency, appearance and comfort. We will work to improve your entire elevator's system and lobby to the latest safety and accessibility standards.

Modernization doesn't have to involve a complete overhaul of your system. Depending on the specific needs of your building, a fresh coat of paint, a few replacement parts, and general cleaning might be all it takes to upgrade to a clean, modern look. Cost is not always the biggest driving force for elevator modernization. Some of your individual elevator components might need replacement, but some might be retained and saved to help reduce total elevator modernization cost.

General Modernization

For older buildings, your elevator may be aging to the point where many of your components are in need of replacement due to obsolete components. Various parts of an elevator system will expire or become obsolete because of advances in technology. Modernizing your elevator can improve the safety and reliability of your equipment and increase the value of your building.

Hydraulic Modernization

Hydraulic modernization involves upgrade considerations for the core components and equipment of your elevator system.

Traction Elevator Modernization

Typical modernization projects for traction elevators include the controller, motors, door equipment, brakes, ropes and more. The range can be large because replacing parts and equipment for an elevator in a large building can add a lot of costs in parts and labor. Older traction elevators may need to be brought up to code, however, some of the parts and procedures may be optional.

We can modernize your traction elevator, whether geared or gearless, and clean, inspect, and update the entire body of the elevator. Like a hydraulic unit, the cost to modernize a traction elevator can often come down to how much of the elevator needs to be replaced. Our cost reduction strategy involves a professional checklist to make it clear as to the work and cost.

Cab Modernization

You might think that a cab upgrade is not really important, and in some cases it might not seem necessary since it's not a requirement by law. So if your budget won't allow for the extra cost, then you can remove the cab upgrade entirely. However, there's still the possibility to install a more affordable, standard elevator cab interior. While custom cab interiors might be too expensive, we can offer you a less-expensive, standard interior package. The standard package will reduce material cost and installation time.




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